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ATV Tour Fun

Let's have fun!!!

These ATV Tours include a bunch of fun, breathtaking ocean views with a dose of adrenaline, driving in to the forest and the sabanas, a lot of wild life, just 20 minutes away from Dreams Las Mareas Resort.

ATV Horseback Ride Tour To travel is to Live

To travel is to live

By traveling you will be sharing with the people along the way, this is part of your adventures, creating unequal memories by seeing things from another perspective. Either riding a horse or driving an ATV, challenge yourself to ride the unexpected, become a “Sabanero” for a few minutes in our ranch, not just “going on a tour”… you will be attending a call to live!!

ATV Horseback tour Life is to short

Life is too short to wait

No matter your age, no matter your fears, just call our names and we will encourage you to get through any challenge along the way! You will ask yourself if you can do it at the beginning but you will be glad you did it at the end of your adventure. Life is too short, so what are you waiting for?

ATV Horseback Tour The Adventure Begins

The adventure begins

Adventures always begin with wherever your mind takes you to… but we will make your day a full adventure with great experiences. Just remember to bring spirit to get you through all challenges, Riding Horses and driving an ATV may sound scary, we will make sure you feel comfortable and enjoy with special memories!


Welcome to our authentic Costa Rican ranch! Have fun in touch with nature!

Some good reasons

Life is too short to wait, live now.

100% Adventure

Have you ever experienced a rush of Adrenaline…?

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Exotic Wildlife

We have 3 species of monkeys, sloths, trogons, raccoons where it is easy to spot them on the lush forest when they are eating or looking for food…

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Happy People

Costa Rica, known worldwide for been the happiest country on the planet, also has the happiest people working to make your vacation as happy as they are…

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